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Ad Standards Council No Screening November 18-21 2015

Please be advised that the ASC will accept S1, S2 and Special Screening applications on November 16 and 17 ONLY (Monday and Tuesday).

Ad Standards Council Issues DOH Administrative Order No. 2014-0040 Revised Guidelines on the Need/Role of Medical Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Upon request by the FDA, the ASC will implement Administrative Order No. 2014-0040 specifically Provision VI A2.1e on Policies and Procedures on the Roles and Functions/Responsibilities of the Medical Director which reads: Approval of all package inserts, labels, brochures and other labeling and promotion materials.

Ad Standards Council Advertisements with Several Government Mandatories

Please be advised on a new implementing guideline on materials that require presence of multi-government and industry mandatory statements

Ad Standards Council Issues Erratum on Circular No. 2015-007

Please be advised that the correct FDA Mandatory Statement that will replace “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” is as follows

Ad Standards Council Issues Food and Health Supplement Re-Application 50% Discount

As per FDA directive, All Food and Health Supplement communication materials should carry the new FDA Mandatory Statement “Mahalagang Paalala: Ang (Name of Product) ay hindi gamot at hindi maaring gamitin panggamot sa anumang sakit” starting June 1, 2015.

Ad Standards Council Implementation of FDA Memorandum Circular No. 2015-003

Following FDA letter of 22 April 2015 addressed to Ms. Blen Fernando of PANA and Mr. Ronald Barreiro & Ms. Jenny Wieneke of 4As

Ad Standards Council Labor Day Schedules

In observance of Labor Day, The ASC will be closed on May 1, 2015 (Friday). Also, there will be NO SPECIAL SCREENING/CLEARING on May 2, 2015 (Saturday).

Ad Standards Council Issues Minor Revisions

The ASC receives an average of 2,200 S1 applications per month or 110 applications per day while S2 applications range from 80 to 100 per day.

ASC Holy Week Schedules

In observance of the Holy Week, The ASC will be closed on April 2 & 3, 2015
(Maundy Thursday and Good Friday).

ASC Statement on Bench Billboards

The Ad Standards Council (ASC) is issuing this letter specifically to our industry stakeholders to shed light on the current controversy surrounding the Bench “Love All Kinds of Love” billboards along Guadalupe that has included supposed statements from the ASC.

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