Self-regulation is the process whereby stakeholders create a framework on content regulation as part of its responsibility to develop truthful, honest, decent communications with the objective of upholding consumer protection.

This self-regulation framework is the industry’s commitment to support R.A. 7394 (The Consumer Act of the Philippines) with the following guiding principles:
– Ensure that consumers are not misled, harmed or offended by ads to maintain consumer confidence in advertising.
– Encourage fair competition among businesses to level the playing field.


The ASC Code of Ethics is the industry’s basis for self-regulation. It is a comprehensive Code attuned to the current advertising and communication environment and is constantly updated to address the latest local and global consumer and market trends and technological developments.

The Code of Ethics applies to all advertising and marketing communication, including digital marketing for the purpose of promoting any kind of goods, service, companies, and institutions.

Consumer protection is everyone’s responsibility. All practitioners of marketing communications shall observe the provisions of the Code of Ethics.

The ASC Standards (Manual of Procedures) is the set of guidelines governing the review of advertisements including screening, appeal and complaint resolution.

Similar to the Code, the ASC Standards is regularly updated to ensure an efficient advertising review process.