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All of us in the business of advertising have a responsibility. A responsibility to our public, our consumers and to one another.

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Creative. Compelling. Engaging.
But above all, it must be Truthful and Fair.

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  • ASC Circular 2021-009 – ASC Operations on November 30 and December 8 Non-Working Holidays and Christmas Break

    Below, please find ASC’s schedule of operations during the November/December regular or special non-working holidays, as well as during the December holiday break. ASC will not be accepting Regular S1 Screening and/or S2 Clearing applications via email to and and Special S1 Screening and/or S2 Clearing Requests via email to on said […]

  • ASC Circular 2021-008 – ASC Operations on August 30 Regular Holiday

    In line with the celebration of National Heroes Day, a regular holiday, on 30 August 2021, the ASC will not be accepting S1 and S2 applications via email to and, respectively and Special S1 Screening and / or S2 Clearing Requests via email to on Monday, 30 August 2021. Applications and requests […]

  • Reminder to All Advertising Practitioners

    The Ad Standards Council’s purpose and mandate is to protect consumers from untruthful, misleading, offensive, and unethical advertising as stated in Republic Act 7394, or the Consumer Act of the Philippines. The ASC also works to promote the Filipino people’s trust in advertising and the advertising community. We are issuing this reminder to all members […]

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