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The Principle of Self- Regulation
the act of enforcing or upholding a process or activity by the people or organizations that are involved in it rather than by an outside organization or agency or external intervention.

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The leaders of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) start to meet individually with a select group of CEOs and Marketing Heads from small, mid-size and big advertisers.


KBP and PANA, supported by the 4As, agree to work for the formation of one advertising screening body that is envisioned as more efficient, effective and responsive than the ACRC under the AdBoard. The group of associations starts a series of meetings to develop the framework and model of the new screening body.

In October, the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines organizes the Summit of Industry Leaders for Sustainable Self-Regulation at the Manila Polo Club. One of the items on the agenda is the re-engineering of the AdBoard including the transfer the ad content regulation to a new and updated, independent body.


In March, the Ad Standards Council (ASC) officially commences its operations led by its first set of Board of Directors from the tripartite of 4As, KBP and PANA. ASC operates with the improved system and Manual of Procedures and an updated Code of Ethics.


Celebrating the Advertising Board of the Philippines’ 40th anniversary, industry leaders officially announce AdBoard’s closure simultaneously announcing the Ad Standards Council as the sole screening body of the industry.

ASC starts active participation in regional and global developments. The Philippines self-regulation system is featured at the APEC Advertising Standards Forum and Mentoring Workshop in Beijing, China.


ASC continues its global participation sharing Good Practices and Experiences on Advertising Self-Regulation among APEC countries at the APEC meeting in Lima, Peru.


ASC celebrates its 10th year of operations, working closely with relevant key government agencies. ASC continuous to improve its systems and manual of procedure and updates the Code of Ethics. In 10 years, ASC now has seven (7) member organizations. From 2013 to the present day, historical account of membership:
2013: Media Agencies Association of the Phils (MSAP)
2013: Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Phils (IMMAP)
2014: United Print Media Group (UPMG)
2021: Out-Of-Home Advertising Association of the Philippines (OHAAP)


ASC Board embarks on a Three-year Strategic Plan for the transformation of the Ad Standards Council amidst the digital environment and technological advancements entering the communications industry from both local and global entities. The Ad Foundation becomes the advocacy arm of the Ad Standards Council.


ASC prepares work for the 50 years of consumer protection through self-regulation of the industry in the Philippines.

Current and Continuing
1. Currently collaborates with Marketing Opinion & Research Society of the Phils (MORES) in upgrading ASC standards e.g. setting of research standards, training of panelists, use of technology in research, etc.
2. Continuously works closely with key and relevant government agencies
3. Continuously reviews and updates Advertising Code of Ethics and Manual of Procedures to address issues and opportunities in the industry