Ad Standards Council Issues Minor Revisions

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April 7, 2015

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The ASC receives an average of 2,200 S1 applications per month or 110 applications per day while S2 applications range from 80 to 100 per day.

Of these 80 to 100 S2 applications, at least 25% constitute Minor Revisions. Note that Minor Revisions/S2 applications take twice as much time as the Original/S1 applications because minor revisions will be reviewed compared to the originally-approved material.

There are as many as 3-5 submissions of Minor Revisions on the same material which affect the productivity of both the Ad Specialists and Professional Screeners as it is difficult to follow numerous changes made from the originally-approved materials. More important, it is difficult to track the changes in the context of the material, especially those with claims.

In line with this, the ASC will be implementing this measure effective May 4, 2015:

For S1 applications of both NOT-YET-PRODUCED AND PRODUCED materials, only two (2) minor revisions will be allowed. The 3rd revisions will have to be re-applied as NEW MATERIAL.