Ad Standards Council Implementation of FDA Memorandum Circular No. 2015-003

Following FDA letter of 22 April 2015 addressed to Ms. Blen Fernando of PANA and Mr. Ronald Barreiro & Ms. Jenny Wieneke of 4As, all Food & Herbal Supplement products advertising, promotions and sponsorship materials in TV, Radio, Print, Billboard and social media must be compliant with the change in the use of the message/phrase “No Approved Therapeutic Claims to MAHALAGANG PAALALA: ANG (NAME OF PRODUCT) AY HINDI GAMOT AT HINDI DAPAT GAMITING PANGGAMOT SA ANUMANG URI NG SAKIT not later than 31 May 2015.

In this regard, the ASC is issuing Recall of Clearance on ALL materials with “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” phrase.

All materials with “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” that will be implemented starting 31 May 2015 will be deemed violative and will be penalized accordingly.

For strict compliance.

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