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ASC Circular 2017-001-Digital Guidelines for Non-Regulated and Regulated Categories

Attached, please find the Digital Guidelines for Non-Regulated and Regulated Categories, a collaborative output of the Ad Standards Council (ASC)…

ASC Circular 2016-010 – Q4 Holidays

The ASC will be closed on the following dates: October 31      –           Special non-working holiday November 1    –           Special non-working…

ASC Circular 2016-009 – OTC Drugs Indications

As part of the on-going partnership between the Ad Standards Council (ASC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on…

ASC Circular 2016-006 – No Special Clearing (S2) on June 25, 2016

There will be no Special Clearing (S2) on Saturday/June 25, 2016 ASC staff and Professional Screeners will have its annual…

ASC Circular 2016-006 – Latest Guidelines on Submission of Storyboards/Layouts/Compres

Please be informed that effective MAY 16, 2016, MONDAY, all Storyboards, Compre or Layouts submitted for S1 and S2 Applications,…

Ad Standards Council Issues Number of Days to Submit Requirement/s for Incomplete Applications

Effective today, 1 December 2015, submission for requirement/s of INCOMPLETE Applications has been extended from 11 A.M. of the 3rd WORKING DAY from the date of application to 5 P.M. of the 10th CALENDAR DAY from the date of application .

Ad Standards Council No Screening from December 24, 2015 to January 03, 2016

Please be advised that there will be no S1, S2, Special Screening and Online Application/ Screening from December 24, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

Ad Standards Council No Screening November 18-21 2015

Please be advised that the ASC will accept S1, S2 and Special Screening applications on November 16 and 17 ONLY (Monday and Tuesday).

Ad Standards Council Issues DOH Administrative Order No. 2014-0040 Revised Guidelines on the Need/Role of Medical Director in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Upon request by the FDA, the ASC will implement Administrative Order No. 2014-0040 specifically Provision VI A2.1e on Policies and Procedures on the Roles and Functions/Responsibilities of the Medical Director which reads: Approval of all package inserts, labels, brochures and other labeling and promotion materials.

Ad Standards Council Advertisements with Several Government Mandatories

Please be advised on a new implementing guideline on materials that require presence of multi-government and industry mandatory statements

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