Ad Standards Council Issues Food and Health Supplement Re-Application 50% Discount

As per FDA directive, All Food and Health Supplement communication materials should carry the new FDA Mandatory Statement “Mahalagang Paalala: Ang (Name of Product) ay hindi gamot at hindi maaring gamitin panggamot sa anumang sakit” starting June 1, 2015.

To all companies/brands whose existing materials still carry the “No Approved Therapeutic Claim” statement and who plan to use the current material beyond May 31, 2015, you need to re-apply with the ASC for the new edit incorporating the new FDA Mandatory Statement.Given this, The ASC will be extending a 50% discount on fees for all re-applications effective immediately.

To facilitate review, please ensure that your previously – approved storyboard, script, layout, merch materials, etc, with the ASC stamp of approval, will be attached to your application.

Please be guided.

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