Screening Procedures

Securing Clearance for Airing / Publication / Display / Posting (S2)

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Section 8. Securing Clearance (S2)

Section 8. Securing Clearance for Airing / Publication / Display / Posting (S2)

  • The Advertiser/Ad Agency submits the final and produced material/s to the ASC Receptionist.  Materials must be properly labeled with a sticker or marked with the Advertiser’s name, Ad Agency’s name, Brand name, Ad title and ASC Reference Code for easier retrieval of application/s.
Type of MediumS2 Final Material
TVCs/ LED Moving Ads/ Digital Moving AdsMP4 hi-res digital format, Windows compatible
RCs MP3, Windows compatible
Print / Traditional OOH / Digital Static AdsJPEG and printed copy of ad
Taped TV Portion BuysPhotoboard of the pre-approved audio-video script and the final produced material in MP4 hi-res digital format, Windows compatible.
Live AOBs / Live Portion Buys / Other Similar Live MaterialsNo S2 final material; Materials and documents such as, but not limited to, Tape-On-Air (TOA), certificate of airing / posting / display date and screen shot of actual mobile text blast must be submitted no later than ten (10) work days from date of airing / posting / display for monitoring purposes. Failure to submit shall be subject to sanctions as determined by the Tech Com.

Date of airing, etc. – July 7, 2017. Deadline for submission of required TOA, etc. – July 16, 2017

NOTE: Final materials in CD or USB will be accepted. Should include material title and ASC Reference Number.

  • The Ad Specialist reviews the final produced material vis-à-vis the approved storyboard/script/layout. After viewing the produced material, decision shall be any one of the following:
    • Clearance for Airing/Publication/Display/Posting

This is given when the final material submitted is faithful to the approved storyboard/script/layout.

    • Disapproved

This is given when:

      • The final produced material submitted contains elements that were disapproved by the Professional Screener/ Screening Panel;
      • When the material is not faithful to the approved storyboard/script/layout without prior advice in writing addressed to the Executive Director, on last minute changes, e.g., use of celebrity talents and published songs;
      • The revision substantially or materially affects the copy, claims, and visuals of the ad. The revision or element added to the material requires a new application with the corresponding screening fees; and
      • Material is not compliant with the technical specifications on the use of qualifiers as stated in the Code of Ethics Article V Section 10.
  •  Once the final material has been viewed by the Ad Specialist, revisions given after will no longer be allowed. The revised material must be re-applied with the corresponding screening fees.
  • The Clearance for Airing/ Publication/ Display/ Posting shall be issued upon determining that the requirements on the comment sheets are sufficiently complied with.
  •  No Clearance for Airing/ Publication/ Display/ Posting shall be given in advance or released by the ASC to the representative/s of the Advertiser/Ad Agency verbally, over the phone, or through e-mail. Advertiser/Ad Agency’s authorized representative/s must pick up the Clearance for
  •  Revisions after a Clearance for Airing/ Publication/ Display/ Posting has been released will be considered as a new application. The revised material must then be re-applied, with the corresponding screening fees.