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Application for Revision

Section 7.    Application for Revision

  • Advertiser/Ad Agency must notify the ASC in writing, addressed to the Executive Director, their request for approval of revision/s on a storyboard/script/ layout that has been given an Approval for Production. The Notice of Revision shall detail the revision/s done in the material/s and the rationale behind the change/s for proper review.

Refer to Manual of Procedures Annex 1, item F, Schedule of Submission of Requirements for Incomplete Decision and Application for Revision.

  •  The Notice of Revision must include two copies of the revised storyboard / script / layout and the previously – approved storyboard / script / layout with the ASC approved stamp and the Approved for Production Decision form for reference.
  • The Professional Screener shall render any one of the following decisions:
    • Approved – If the revision/s is/are considered minor, an Approval shall be stamped on the copies of the revised storyboard/script/layout, duly signed by the Professional Screener who approved it.
    • Disapproved – Disapproval shall be given on the revised material/s if the changes are major which materially/ substantially affect the copy, claims, and visuals. The Advertiser/Ad Agency shall be required to re-apply with the corresponding screening fees.
  • Only two (2) applications for minor revision/s shall be allowed. Succeeding revision/s will be considered as new application/s with the corresponding screening fees.

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