Post-Screening of Ads Procedures

Motu Propio Monitoring by ASC

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Section 2. Motu Propio Monitoring by ASC

Section 2. Motu Propio Monitoring by ASC

Print advertisements, merchandising materials, internet and mobile ads, and other materials which did not pass through ASC for clearance, but contain claims which should have been pre-cleared with ASC, and which were monitored by ASC, shall undergo post-screening.

  • ASC will inform the Advertiser/Ad Agency in writing with a Notice to Explain (NTE) about the monitored material with claims but which did not pass through ASC and will ask the advertiser/ad agency to explain why it should not be penalized with the corresponding penalty for such violation.
  • Advertiser/Ad agency should submit its response within three (3) work days upon receipt of the Notice to Explain (NTE).
  • Advertiser’s/Ad Agency’s response to the NTE will be elevated to the Tech Com for review/deliberation. Decision can be any of the following:
    • Cease-and-Desist Order (CDO) of material will be issued and penalty for pre-screening violation will be imposed. While penalty is not yet settled, future ad materials of the brand will not be accepted by ASC for screening.
    • Stern warning to Advertiser/Ad Agency not to commit pre-screening violation again and encourage submission of future ad materials to ASC for clearance prior to publishing/posting