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Conflict of Interest

Section 6. Confict of Interest

An ASC Panelist or a Professional Screener must not entertain requests to intervene in the decisions or procedures of the screening of ads and settling of disputes.

An ASC Panelist or a Professional Screener who has conflict of interest (COI) must inhibit himself/herself from participating in any panel or other procedure that involves the discussion of the merits of the advertisement of the product or service.

Cases handled by the Technical Committee are procedural in nature and, as such, the COI must not be an issue and the COI rules shall not be applicable to the Technical Committee members. However, a Technical Committee member may decide to inhibit himself or herself when deciding on procedural issues involving a product, brand, service, or account he/she handles or owns.

Any reasonable doubt shall be resolved in favor of the party who raises the COI issue.

Refer to Manual of Procedures Annex 6 for List of Conflicts of Interest.

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