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Technical and Procedural cases

Please be advised of the recent updates on the guidelines on Technical and Procedural Cases.

Submission of Revision Notice and Produced material/s

Please be advised of the recent updates on the guidelines for submitting Revision Notice and Schedules of Submission of Produced material/s which will be implemented effective immediately at the Ad Standards Council.

CPN Requirement for Household / Urban Hazardous Substances

In reference to the recently issued FDA Memorandum Circular No. 2013-045 regarding Guidelines for Notification of Selected Household/Urban Hazardous Substances (HUHS) products, the ASC is reminding Advertisers/Advertising Agency

The Ad Standards Council (ASC) signs MOU with the Department Of Trade And Industry (DTI).

Last “November 12, 2013”, the ASC signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with DTI. Which premise on strengthening the cooperation between two organizations.

Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues updates on rule IV (Screening Procedures), Section 5, material versions.

Please be advised of the recent update on the guidelines on OBBs/CBBs and OOH & print ad series executions which will be implemented effective immediately at the Ad Standards Council.

Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues updated guidelines on disclaimers & qualifiers effective September 1, 2013.

After a thorough review and consideration of comments and inputs from all of you stakeholders, the ASC will be implementing the updated guidelines effective September 1, 2013.

Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues reminders and guidelines in using “SAFE” as a copy.

The Ad Standard Council (ASC) is reminding everyone on the following guidelines:

  1. Check payee-All check payments should be addressed to Ad Standards Council, Inc.
    It has been observed at there are Checks issued to the ASC that were abbreviated or shortened, i.e ASC, Ad Standards. Our partner banks have given advise that these checks will no longer be accepted to better protect both the Ad Standard Council and its clients.

Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues revised rules and guidelines effective July 3, 2013.

Please be advised pf the latest update on procedural items as well as provisions to be implemented immediately at the Ad Standard Council.

ASC Testimonial Provision Amendment

The ASC Board of Director in its Regular Board Meeting held last November 8, 2012 approved the recommendation of the TechCom on the amendment of the Testimonial provision which will be effective starting February 15, 2013.

Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues reminder on business operation schedules effective April 16, 2012.

To ensure the efficient processing of all applications for Approval and Clearance for Airing, please note that submission hours are strictly between 9am and 11am only.