Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues revised rules and guidelines effective July 3, 2013.

Please be advised pf the latest update on procedural items as well as provisions to be implemented immediately at the Ad Standard Council.


1. CD materials for Clearance to Air/Publish

Please use the Reference Code Number as file name to properly identify
the material being submitted. This will ensure a more efficient and effective management of file and inclusion in the database.

2. Billboard clearance for renewal/extension

The ASC will allow the use of the same ASC REFERENCE CODE on previously approved material that is being applied for Renewal/OR with expired FDA CPR. The new application should however be faithful to the originally approved layout and no revision whatsoever is noted.

3. On Rule IV, Section 1.6 Application for Screening, Procedures for Interstitials, TV and radio buys such as sponsorships, segments or portion buys, casual plugs and similar ads, whether live or pre-taped or pre­ recorded.

Item 1.6.e will be revised as follows:

e. Provided that the decision on the application made is APPROVAL
FOR PRODUCTION, the ASC shall release Approval Production form
together with the clearance for Airing the same day.

e. Live spiels/ Live AOBs/ Live segment sponsorship – The ASC will
release the Clearance for Production form together with the Clearance to
Air on the same day provided the decision made on the application is APPROVAL FOR PRODUCTION
f. Interstitials, segment buys, casual Plugs, similar ads that are pre-taped
/Pre-recorded will have to submit the final material before a clearance to Air will be released.


Item 2.5 is revised to include Print, Merchandising materials and Digital which were pre-screened prior to posting or publication.

a. The Prescription period for filling of complaints is 60 calendar days from the first airing of the subject copy, claim, visual or slogan in a medium of national coverage.

a. The Prescription period for filling of complaints is 60 calendar days from the first airing, posting, publication of subject copy, claim, visual or slogan in any medium


This provision will now be:
2.1 There is no prescription period for post-screened ads.

2.2 The Complaint shall pay post-screening fees and shall be present to substantiate its complaint. The burden is on Defendant to prove the claims in question. The Panel may question any copy claim, visual or slogan even if these were not included in the complaint.

2.3 Schedule for the post-screening of ads shall be prioritized. The ASC shall exert best efforts to schedule the post-screening within three(3) workdays from receipt of the official compliant into The ASC will not accept any request for postponement of a post-screening session from either party. If any party is not present during the case hearing, the Panel will proceed to hear the case and its decision will be based on its merits. In case both parties are not present during the schedule of post-screening, the ASC will not process the complaint. Complaint fee will not be refunded.

2.4 The decision shall be issued within three (3) workdays and signed by the presiding Officer. The decision shall be either be that the:

(a) Material is Disapproved.
Failure to substantiate the claims in the compliant letter or the claims, copy, visual element questioned by the Panel during the post-screening shall result in the issuance of a Cease-and-Desist Order(CDO). The media sector shall be immediately be informed of the CDO.

(b) Material is given an Approval
The Panel found the complaint NOT VALID and all the issues raised by the Panel were satisfactorily substantiated by the Advertiser/AD Agency. No CDO is issued.

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