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Scope of Coverage

  1. All broadcast materials that are shown or aired on television, whether free-to-air, cable or subscription TV, or radio, whether national or local.
    • TVCs and RCs including edit downs, translations.
    • Interstitials TV buys such as sponsorships, segments or portion buys , casual plugs whether live or pre taped/prerecorded.
    • TV and Radio Announcer on Board (AOB), OBB/CBB, taglines whether or not direct lift of approved materials.
    • Jingles, branded songs including edits, translations TV and Radio time checks, teasers, countdowns and similar materials.
    • Local ads. Local ads are over those products, brands or services, manufactured, sold, distributed or offered within a limited geographical area such as province, city or town and outside of Mega Manila.
  2. Cinema ads are those specifically produced for airing or exhibition in theaters.
  3. Out-of-Home (OOH) ads. Essentially these are all types of advertising that intend to reach the consumer while he or she is outside the home.
  4. Common types of OOH ads are billboards, LED, street furniture or fixture and street marketing demos. There are virtually no limits to shape and size of out-of-home advertising media.
  5. Print ads are those that are published in broadsheets, tabloids magazines, journals and other publications, whether national or local in circulation.
  6. Merchandising, Point-of-Sale (PoS) or Point-of-Purchase (PoPs) materials include banners, streamers, posters, shelf talkers, wobblers, tent cards, price cards, flyers, headers, inserts, brochures and other in-store or on-premise materials that are directed to consumers and/or the general public.
  7. Internet and mobile advertisements include SMS, MMS, e-blast, opt-in, opt-out, spam messages, broadcast messaging service and other similar promotional ads except corporate websites.

Generally, print ads, merchandising and digital materials are not pre-screened. Except if it contains the following theme or classification:

  • With No. 1 claims or Leadership claims
  • With Superiority or Exclusivity claims
  • With direct comparison
  • With sexy tones, skin exposure, potentially controversial/sensitive execution
  • Products, brands, services covered by The Milk Code
  • Food Supplement products
  • Health Supplement products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Airlines and other carriers with promotional fares

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