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Composition of the ASC

Section 1. Composition of ASC

Board of Directors

The ASC Board of Directors is at the helm of the ASC Organization, representing the Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, and Media. They are responsible for the organization’s direction-setting and policy making.

Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) is at the forefront in upholding the quality of the ASC’s service to the industry, as well as, maintaining the integrity of the self-regulation process. He/ She is the face of the organization in all matters relating to its functions, internally, and externally. He/She liaises with the government sectors in forging parallel decisions so that the same are implemented accordingly by the Advertisers/ Ad Agencies. The ED reports and provides regular feedback to the ASC Board of Directors.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager (OM) is directly responsible for the efficient implementation of the ASC screening and hearing process. He/She monitors consistency of screening decisions and makes sure that all applications received for the day are processed and cleared on the same day. Likewise, he/she ensures the availability of industry volunteers to attend Screening/ Hearing/ Appeal panel sessions and that proper representation of all sectors is observed. In all procedures where it is guided by ASC precedents on cases, the OM is on top of all ASC-made decisions. The OM reports to the Executive Director.

Compliance Manager and Data Privacy Officer

The Compliance Manager is in charge of ensuring the proper enforcement and implementation of decisions, which include the quality of decision letters, penalties and Cease-and-Desist-Orders (CDOs), reached during TechCom sessions and panel hearings/screenings. Part of his/her responsibility is the monitoring of advertising materials in the different media platforms to check if these are compliant with the Code of Ethics and Manual of Procedures. As part of due process, erring advertisers are sent letters about their ads and their violation, with a Notice To Explain (NTE) as to why they should not be penalized for non-compliance.

As Data Privacy Officer, he is accountable for ensuring that data protection policies providing for organization, physical, and technical security measures are followed.

The Compliance Manager reports to the Executive Director and works closely with the Operations Manager.

Professional Screeners

The Professional Screeners are seasoned and senior marketing/advertising practitioners with extensive experience and wisdom in developing and evaluating advertising campaigns. They exercise executive judgment in the screening and review of ads and render Approved/Approved with Caution/Disapproved/Incomplete/Refer to Panel decisions. The Professional Screeners report to the Operations Manager.

Ad Specialists

The Ad Specialists serve as the first line of service in the review process. They check what type/s of support/substantiations were submitted together with the application form and the ad material, e.g., CPR/CPN, FDA and/or DT promo permit, BSP permit on the use of local currency, NHCP on the use of Philippine symbols like the flag, DOLE permit in case when material uses Filipino talent of minor age, NTC permit, CAB permit, NMIS, IPO, PAGCOR-GLDD, and other government agencies’ requirements. They also check what other support documents were submitted: 3rd party clinical studies or laboratory studies, consumer research studies, etc. The Ad Specialists are also in-charge of reviewing all final produced materials vis-à-vis the approved storyboard/ script/ layout to check for consistency and compliance. They also facilitate all the Screening and Hearing sessions. The Ad Specialists report to the Operations Manager.


The Encoders are the front liners in the application process. They review submitted application forms to check for compliance with/conformance to application requirement and encode application to generate ASC Reference Code. They are in charge of releasing results of S1 and S2 applications.


The ASC Receptionist is in charge of receiving the following:

  • S2 applications, together with final materials
  • Revision letters
  • Documents needed for S1 Incomplete Decisions
  • Letters of Complaints
  • Requests for Exemption Letters

The ASC Receptionist is also in charge of inviting volunteer panelists for case hearings or panel screenings to ensure that the required quorum is met.

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