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Statement of General Principles

The Ad Standards Council (ASC), as a matter of policy, encourages resolution of advertising issues and concerns by the practitioners themselves and provides ways by which contending parties could settle or resolve disputes and concerns among themselves. When mediation fails, a case may be brought to the Ad Standards Council (ASC).

The overriding principles that guide the voluntary adoption of the ASC rules to which all members subscribe to are:

  1. The advertising industry can be best protected by espousing self-regulation.
  2. The paramount consideration is the consumer’s interest.
  3. Content regulation serves to safeguard truth in advertising.
  4. The rules and procedures facilitate the production and placement of advertisements.

In the interest of dynamism, continued relevance, and service to the industry, the ASC rules are updated from time to time by competent and seasoned practitioners belonging to the three sectors and are subject to ASC policies. The three sectors are Advertiser, Ad Agency, and Media, represented by ASC member-associations, namely: PANA (Philippine Association of National Advertisers), 4AsP (Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines), KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas), MSAP (Media Specialists Association of the Philippines), IMMAP (Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines), and UPMG (United Print Media Group).

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