Basis for Self-Regulation

The ASC Advertising Code of Ethics is the Council’s basis for self-regulation. It is a comprehensive, contemporary Code attuned to the current advertising and communication environment. It is updated when necessary to keep pace with consumer and societal expectations. The Code was recently updated to incorporate global trends such as internet and mobile media, environmental concerns, children’s welfare developments in alcohol and food advertising.

Generally, the Code applies to all advertising and other marketing communication, including digital marketing, for the purpose of promoting any kind of goods and services, companies, and institutions. The Code must be observed by everyone concerned in the practice of marketing communication, whether as advertiser, advertising agency, in the media, or in related functions.

The ASC Manual of Procedures is the set of guidelines for the screening of advertisements and review and resolution of complaints and disputes. Similar with the Code, the Manual is updated when necessary to ensure efficient facilitation of the advertising review process.