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April 15, 2019

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The Ad Standards Council (ASC) is the self-regulatory body of the advertising industry whose mandate is to protect consumers from misleading, indecent and unlawful advertisements.

ASC stands for responsible communications and abides by a strict code of ethics.

In connection with the recent GLUTAMAX skin care digital and outdoor ads, the materials posted and displayed were not approved by ASC.

Article IV Section 1 item a. of the ASC Code of Ethics on DISPARAGEMENT states that: “Advertisements shall not directly or indirectly disparage, ridicule, criticize, or attack any natural or juridical person, groups of persons, or any sector of society, especially on the basis of gender, social or economic class, religion, ethnicity, race, or nationality.”

The posting of a disapproved material is in violation of the ASC Manual of Procedures. The matter will be dealt with in accordance to the rules and regulations as stated in said Manual.