ASC Circular 2020-008 – Modified Pre-Screening Guidelines for Broadcast (TV/RADIO) Materials During ECQ

Effective Monday, 20 April 2020, the ASC will implement the modified pre-screening guidelines for broadcast (TV/radio) materials during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period. Said guidelines are aligned with the current Digital Guidelines on Pre-screening,
TV/Radio materials will generally be post-screened EXCEPT for the following which will require pre-screening:

A. Mandatory Categories:

1. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs and Home Remedy (HR) products
2. Food/Dietary Supplements
3. Products, brands, services covered by the Milk Code, Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Milk Code
4. Alcohol Beverages in compliance with WHO directive and as agreed with alcohol beverage companies in 2010
5. Airlines and other transport services with promotional fares

B. With the Following Claims which require independent/3rd party support:

1. No. 1/Leadership claim
2. Absolute claim
3. Comparative claim
4. Exclusivity claim
5. Superiority claim

C. With testimonial that includes specific claims regarding product or service performance that must be supported with independent evidence on the accuracy of, or consistent with, the actual product or service.

D. With direct/ brand-identified comparison on categories where such comparison is allowed:

1. Automotive Vehicles excluding Automotive Products
2. Consumer durables like Appliances, Audio-Visual Equipment, Electronic Gadgets
3. Airline and Shipping Lines
4. Musical instruments, Entertainment
5. Mobile products like Cellular handsets, Tablets, Laptops, and Netbooks

E. With sexy tones, exposure of human body/ parts, similar subjects, or executions

F. With tones of violence or similar subject or execution such as, but are not limited to, explosives and other dangerous products

The ASC would like to remind Advertisers and/or TV/Radio networks/stations that similar to digital materials:

1. broadcast materials which did not pass through ASC for clearance, but contain claims which should have been pre-cleared with ASC, and were complained on by competitors or monitored motu propio by ASC, shall undergo post-screening.
If material is found to be in violation, a Cease-and-Desist Order (CDO) of the material will be issued and a penalty for pre-screening violation will be imposed. While penalty is not yet settled, future ad materials of the brand in whatever medium will not be accepted by ASC for screening.

2. In case of doubt or uncertainty, the advertiser is encouraged to pre-clear with ASC prior to production and airing.

3. the modified pre-screening guidelines for broadcast materials will be terminated once the community quarantine is totally lifted.

For your guidance.

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