ASEAN Definition of Cosmetics and Illustrative List By Category of Cosmetic Products

ASEAN Handbook of Cosmetic Ingredients

List of Substances Which Must Not Form Part of The Composition of Cosmetic Products

No. 1 Substance Country Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

List of Substances Which Cosmetic Products Must Not Contain Except Subject to Restriction and Condition Laid Down

No. Substance Field of application and/or use Maximum authorised

List of Colouring Agents Allowed For Use in Cosmetic Products

Field of application Column 1: Colouring agents allowed in all cosmetic products.

List of Preservatives Allowed

ANNEX VI – PART 1 No. Substance Allowable Concentration (%) Country

List of Contact Point for Cosmetic in ASEAN Member Countries

1. Department of Pharmaceutical Services Ministry of Health Brunei Darussalam Jalan Menteri Besar