ASEAN Definition of Cosmetics and Illustrative List By Category of Cosmetic Products

ASEAN Cosmetics Labeling Requirements

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ASEAN Cosmetics Labeling Requirements


1. This document provides guidance for labeling requirements of cosmetic products to which Article 5 of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive 05/01/ACCSQPWG apply.


1. For the purpose of this document name of the cosmetic product means the name given to a cosmetic product, which may be an invented name, together with a trade mark or the name of the manufacturer;
Immediate packaging means the container or other or other form of packaging immediately in contact with the cosmetic product
Outer packaging means the packaging into which is placed the immediate packaging;
Labelling means information written or printed or graphic matter on the immediate or outer packaging and any form of leaflets
Registration holder means the holder of the authorization for the cosmetic products


1. The following particulars shall appear on the outer packaging of cosmetic products or, where there is no outer packaging, on the immediate packaging of cosmetic products.
a) The name of the cosmetic products and its function, unless it is clear from the presentation of the product;
b) Instructions on the use of the cosmetic products, unless it is clear from the product name or presentation;
c) Full ingredient listing. The ingredients shall be specified by using the nomenclature from the latest edition of standard references (Refer to appendix A )
A). Botanicals and extract of botanicals should be identified by its genus and species. The genus may be abbreviated;
The following shall not, however, be regarded as ingredients;
– Impurities in the raw materials used;
– Subsidiary technical materials used in the preparation but not present in the final product;
– Materials used in strictly necessary quantities as solvents, or as carriers for perfume and aromatic compositions.
d) Country of manufacture
e) The name and address of the company or person responsible for placing the product on the local market;
f) The contents given by weight or volume, in either metric or both in metric and imperials system;
g) The manufacturer’s batch number;
h) The manufacturing date or expiry date of the product in clear terms (e.g. month/year);
i) Special precautions to be observed in use, especially those listed in the column “Conditions or use and warnings which must be printed on the label in Annexes _______”, which must appear on the label as well as any special precautionary information on the cosmetic products.
Member countries may require specific warnings based on local needs e.g. declaration of ingredients from animal origin. In this case:
(i) There must be statement (of any format) on the product label that presence of ingredients from animal origin
(ii) For ingtedients from bovine and porcine origin, the exact animal must be declared.
(iii) Ingredients from human placenta must be declared specifically on the product label.
j) Registration number from the country of origin (manufacture) of the country of registration.
2. In cases where the size, shape or nature of the container or package does not permit the particulars laid down in para 1 (a) – (i) to be displayed, the use of leaflets, pamphlets, hang tags, display panel, shrink wrap etc. shall be allowed. However, the following particulars at least shall appear on small immediate packaging:
(a) the name of the cosmetic products;
(b) the manufacturer’s batch number
3. The particulars referred in para 1 and para 2 shall be easily legible, clearly comprehensible and indelible.
4. The particulars listed in para 1 shall appear in English and/or National Language and/or language understood by the consumer where the product is marketed.
Listed of Standard References to be use for Cosmetic Ingredient Nomenclature
1. International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary
2. British Pharmacopeia
3. United States Pharmacopeia
4. Chemical Abstract Services
5. Japanese Standard Cosmetic Ingredient
6. Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Codex