A Cosmetic Ingredient Listing and ASEAN Handbook of Cosmetic Ingredient

ASEAN Additional List of UV Filters Which May Provisionally Contain

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ASEAN Ref # Substance Allowable Concentration(%) Country of Proposal Accepted? (Y/N)
5 Glycerol 1,4-aminobenzoate (free from benzocaine) 3 Thailand
6 Menthyl anthranilate 5 Thailand
7 Sulisobenzone 10 Thailand
8 Dioxybenzone 3 Thailand
9 Digalloyl trioleate 5 Thailand

The UV filters listed above are currently allowed for use as UV filters in sunscreen products in Thailand. They are considered as safe at the concentrations below the allowable concentrations. They should be allowed for use unless there is the toxicity or unsafety report.