General Standards

All advertisements in the Philippines, including those in the arlines industry are covered by the General Principles of the Code of Ethics.

Section 1. Review Guidelines

In all procedures, the ASC shall be guided by...

Section 2. Functions of the ASC

The main functions of ASC are...

Section 3. Materials Covered by the ASC Code of Ethics and Manual of Procedures

Definition of Advertisement

Section 4. Materials Not Covered by the ASC Code of Ethics and Manual of Procedures

The following materials are not covered by the ASC rules:

Section 5. Confidentiality

Advertisements under review in all procedures and deliberations, thereon are strictly...

Section 6. Conflict of Interest

An ASC Panelist or a Professional Screener must not entertain requests...

Section 7. Timing

The ASC recognizes that in advertising issues, time is of the essence...

Section 8. Courtesy

1.Discourteous or disrespectful behavior by a Presenter/ Advertiser/ Ad Agency or their representatives...

Section 9. Principle of Interpretation

In case of doubt or in the absence of a specific rule that squarely addresses an issue...

If you have a claim in your ad, it is best to have your material screened. Find out more in the Advertising Claims Section

Advertising Claims Section

Rules by Medium

ASC standards must be applied depending on the medium where you are placing your ad. Know more about applying the standards on different mediums here: