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Material Revisions and Renewal Applications

Section 3.    Material Versions and Renewal Applications

Generally, applications of the following materials (translations, revisions, derivatives, direct lifts, edit-downs/edit-ups, TV/Radio OBBs/ CBBs, print, merchandising materials, out-of-home ads, digital materials) based on previously-approved application/s must be submitted with supporting documents. Copies of the previously-approved script/ layout/ storyboard with ASC approved stamp and the Approved for Production decision form must also be submitted for reference.

All applications must be fully supported, whether new or renewal of expired but previously-approved material.

A cover letter addressed to the Executive Director, highlighting the same claim/s that will be used from the pre-approved materials, must be submitted together with the S1 application when re-applying.

Material Versions

ASC shall not issue a blanket approval for all media of the same material as there is/are advertising claim/s that was/were given approval based on the context of the material and cannot be used as stand-alone claim/s when used out of context.

  • Translations

Dialect or non-English/non-Filipino materials must be accompanied by either an English or Filipino translation, with both scripts written side-by-side, certified, and signed by the translator attesting to the accuracy and correctness of the translation. The Advertiser/Ad Agency shall be responsible for the translation submitted

  • Revisions

Defined as add-ons or deletions to previously-approved television, radio, print, out-of-home, merchandising, digital, and mobile materials.

  • Derivatives

Countdowns, time-checks, and similar ad executions with the same layout, script, storyboard, shall be considered as one ad, provided that the copy/text varies only on day/date, time, or location/address from one material to another.

  • Direct Lifts
  •  Edit-downs/Edit-ups
  •  TV/Radio OBBs/CBBs

OBBs and CBBs with no claim/s and/or selling line (visual and audio) are not required to be submitted to the ASC for pre-screening, e.g., “This portion is/ has been brought to you by…” or “Ang programang ito ay hatid sa inyo ng …”.

  • Print, Merchandising Materials, and Out-Of-Home Ads

Materials that appear as a series must have individual applications. Each ad is reviewed separately and will be given its own ASC Reference Code.

Refer to Annex 4 for discounted rates on layouts that differ only on orientation and color, submitted together in one application.

  •  Digital Materials

Above-the-line (ATL) materials like TV, radio, print, and non-broadcast materials such as outdoor and cinema ads, which have been given clearance to air/publish/display, can be used in the digital space and will not require separate application/clearance, under the following conditions:

    • The same/identical material is posted or used on digital media;
    • The posting and display of the approved ATL material in digital media is within the ATL material’s validity period;
    • The ATL’s ASC Reference Number is included in the digital post (either on visual or caption/description box);
    • For static digital material which is not identical to original ATL material in terms of layout but makes use of the same copy and visuals (all) of said previously–approved print / OOH /collateral material.

A batch application, defined as a maximum of five (5) materials only, with the exact same elements positioned differently in the material, may be submitted to ASC and will be charged a single fee.

Print and digital materials of regulated categories (OTC and HR Products, Food/Dietary Supplements, Alcohol Beverages, Products Under the Milk Code, and Airline Promotions) with absolutely no claim/s, i.e., no product benefit or performance claim/s, need not be cleared (e.g., time check, countdowns, occasion-based greetings, etc.  (ASC Circ. 2018-011).

Renewal Applications

Application for renewal of materials with claim/s such as, but not limited to, superiority and comparative claims, latest research data to substantiate the claim/s must be submitted for review. Also refer to Section 10, item 10.4, Validity of Clearance for Airing/ Publication/Display/Posting.

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