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Recall of Clearance for Airing / Publication / Display / Posting

Section 5. Recall of Clearance for Airing/Publication/Display/Posting

The ASC shall issue a Recall of Clearance For Airing/Publication/Display/ Posting due to any of the following:

  • Government agency ruling
  • Violation of the Laws of the Land
  • Reasons of technicality upon the determination of the Tech Com
  • Widespread concern on public safety or sensitivity

For reasons of technicality, the ASC shall give due process to the Advertiser/Ad Agency being complained prior to the issuance of the Recall of Clearance for Airing, Publication, Display, or Posting.

The ASC may also invite the Advertiser/Ad Agency to respond to the complaint. The Recall shall be issued after review by the Tech Com of the case and issues.

The ASC Tech Com, through the ASC Executive Director, shall notify the Advertiser/Ad Agency of the recall, the complaint and rationale for the recall.

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