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Cease-and-Desist Order (CDO)

If an advertisement must be discontinued from airing, publication, display, or posting, the ASC may either issue a CDO or recall the Clearance for Airing/Publication/Display/Posting, whichever is appropriate.

Section 1.  Cease-and-Desist Order (CDO)

A CDO is issued if a material is found to be in violation of the provisions of the ASC Code of Ethics and Manual of Procedures.

Ads containing any element that has any reference to a material on CDO status shall not be accepted for review unless the elements in question are removed from the material.

In general, the CDO is in immediate effect from receipt of the CDO by the Advertiser and/or Ad Agency when:

  • An ad material is found on air, installed, or posted without proper ASC
  • An ad material, whose substantiations accepted at face value solely on the basis of a certification duly signed by an official of high management position, have been proven to be
  • An ad material, despite previous approval, is deemed to adversely affect public interest, safety, and sensitivity.

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