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Schedule of Hearings

Section 3.  Scheduling of Hearings

  • Upon receipt of a written complaint/appeal, and the relevant documents or requirements for the case, the Ad Specialist shall review all received documents to check for completeness (Day 1). The Ad Specialist shall advise the Complainant and Defendant in writing about the complaint filed and the scheduled hearing date on the second work day after receipt of the complaint letter by the ASC (Day 2). Hearing will be scheduled four (4) work days after release of letter (Day 6).
  • Each party may postpone the scheduled hearing only once. However, the new hearing schedule shall be no later than three (3) work days from the original hearing date (Day 9).
  • Request for postponement must be in writing and must be submitted to ASC within two (2) work days from receipt of notice of hearing.
  • The ASC may postpone a scheduled hearing if the required quorum is not In such case, the new hearing date shall be given priority and shall be scheduled within three (3) work days from the original date of hearing

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