Disputes and Complaints Procedures

Presentation to the Hearing Panel

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Section 4.  Presentation to the Hearing Panel

Section 4.  Presentation to the Hearing Panel

Personal Appearance

Both parties shall appear in person. Advertisers shall be represented by their advertising agency or authorized representatives.

Failure to Appear

Failure of any party to appear within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled hearing shall constitute non-appearance.

Non-appearance by Complainant/Appellant

Non-appearance by the Complainant/Appellant shall be cause for dismissal of the complaint/appeal.

The filing fee shall not be refunded.

Non-appearance by Defendant

Non-appearance by Defendant does not prejudice the complaint.

The Panel shall proceed to review the case and decide based on the merits of the case.

Presentation Proper

Complainant and Defendant are given thirty (30) minutes to present their respective complaint and defense which includes the set-up of their equipment.

Complainant and Defendant must prepare five (5) clear copies of the presentation materials and support documents for the Panel’s reference and use during the case hearing. The required documents in screening presentation shall apply.

Four (4) copies of the presentation materials and support documents shall be returned to the presenters and one (1) set shall be filed with the ASC.

Only a maximum of five (5) people each from the Complainant and Defendant will be allowed to enter the hearing venue at any given point in the presentation. Resource persons beyond the five (5) representatives, who need to make a presentation, shall be asked to wait outside the venue until they are called in.

Cancellation of Schedule

Cancellation of a scheduled Hearing/Appeal Panel within twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled date of screening shall incur the appropriate penalty as prescribed in Annex 5 of this Manual of Procedures.