Our Standards


Section 8.    Courtesy

1.Discourteous or disrespectful behavior by a Presenter/ Advertiser/ Ad Agency or their representatives toward the ASC Staff, Screeners, or Panelists shall be dealt with by the ASC

  • An official communication calling the attention of the Advertiser /Ad Agency or their representative/s, including the incidents or reasons for such report, shall be sent to the Advertiser/ Ad Agency or their representative/s and to the member-Association/s
  • The Advertiser/Ad Agency or their representative/s shall be asked to explain or respond accordingly.
  • The ASC Board, upon recommendation of the Tech Com, may implement a corresponding sanction such as, but are not limited to:
    • De-listing from the ASC roster of panelists, if he/she is an ASC Panelist
    • Prohibition from representing the Advertiser/Ad Agency or customer in any ASC proceeding for at least six (6) months

2.Discourteous or disrespectful behavior by a volunteer Panelist, a Professional Screener or any of the ASC Staff should be reported to the ASC Executive Director (ED). A formal letter addressed to the ED should be submitted, complete with details on date, time, and circumstances surrounding the incident. An investigation will be conducted and the complainant will be informed of the action taken by ASC.

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