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1. Member States shall undertake appropriate measures to implement this Directive.

2. Member States may, however, for a period of 36 months from effective of the Directive, authorize the marketing in their territory of cosmetic products, which do not conform to the requirements of the Directive.

3. Member States shall undertake appropriate measures to ensure that the technical infrastructures necessary are in place to implement this Directive.

4. Member States shall ensure that the texts of such provisions of national laws, which they adopt in the field governed by this Directive are communicated to the other Member States with a copy to the ASEAN Secretariat, who shall promptly notify the ACC.

5. Member States shall ensure that post marketing surveillance is in place and shall have full authority to enforce the law on cosmetic products found to be not complying with this Directive.

6. The provisions of this Directive may be amended by written agreement of all Member States. All amendments shall become effective upon acceptance by all Member States.

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