KBP 50th Anniversary

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August 1, 2023

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The country’s lone media broadcasting association celebrates 50 years of solid industry excellence and unwavering service to the Filipino people. At the Manila Polo Club, 27th April, the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters ng Pilipinas had a gala anniversary on the exact date of its foundation 5 decades ago. In attendance, and as keynote speaker, the KBP had the grace of the country’s head of state, President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. Significantly, it was the father, President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos who was then head of state during the KBP’s inception.

At the helm on this historic moment, Herman Basbaño, KBP Chairman likened fifty years as precious metal. “We know gold has always been a precious commodity. Until now the money of many countries has always been paid from its gold reserves. Gold also represents strength, wisdom, prosperity, of course, beauty, and the significance of 50 years of existence”.

Self-regulation, media responsibility

Rich in history and achievement, the KBP continues to strongly position its leadership role as radio and television broadcasters reaching and connecting the country’s archipelago.

Chairman Basbaño proudly lifted KBP as a trailblazer in self-regulation, that is, the fact of something such as an organization acting and governing itself without intervention from external entities, and the KBP’s continuing fight against disinformation, stating, “(The KBP’s) standard of self-regulation is shining in its golden glory as it has lived up to the challenges of times with truthfulness, dedication, and utmost responsibility.”

According to KBP President Ruperto ‘Jun’ Nicdao, the KBP was created by a group broadcast professionals that shared a desire to be able to address challenges that the broadcast sector faced. Fifty years later, the KBP still is “at the forefront of promoting self-regulation, advancing industry standards and fostering partnerships with government, private and public sectors and academe,” says Nicdao.

It is a landscape rife with disinformation where the manufacture of and access to information is open to anyone with proper tools. Beyond mere broadcasting, the KBP continues to uphold the sanctity of the role and responsibility of media professionals in disseminating the truth to the Filipino people.

Raising industry standards

One of the secrets to longevity is being fit and toned. Endurance is the game and being in the pink of health, and toned for action ensures staying power and succession. KBP continues to invest heavily in its stewardship. Brand KBP continues to withstand the test of time and space—the digital space, that is, plus emerge from unpredictable weather and clime in the battle for viewership and attention, rampant misinformation, and the pervasiveness of an empowered public. Steadfast focus, working from within the ranks to rally members to the highest degree of professional stature are basic and non-negotiable.

Says Nicdao, “Since its inception, the KBP has been at the forefront of promoting self-regulation and raising industry standards through enhanced development programming, announcers’ accreditation and manpower training while enforcing a code of ethics for radio and television.

KBP also takes pride in its awards and recognition program and has acknowledged Outstanding Contribution achievements in broadcast journalism, programming and production. Through this program, the KBP has inspired excellence and promoted better content in the industry.”

Relevance, and role in nation building

Unknown to most, the KBP holds in its hands the responsibility of upholding and raising the bar of self-regulation for public communications as mandated upon the organization. Along with the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines (4As-P), the tripartite forms the bedrock on which stands the Code of Ethics for truthful and responsible advertising through consumer protection.

“The KBP’s commitment to public service, entertainment, information, education and significant events is unwavering. The organization realizes its important role in nation building and embraces the responsibility to serve the best interest of the Filipino people.

Through its own initiatives and various partnerships, the KBP has contributed to various social causes and help alleviate the plight of our fellow Filipinos,” adds Nicdao.