Important Reminders on Ad Applications Via Email

The ASC would like to remind all applicants to follow and observe the following in applying your ad materials:


All S1 applications for screening and S2 applications for clearing should indicate the AD MATERIAL TITLE in the following documents:

  1. S1 application form
  2. Main documents (storyboard, script, layout)
  3. S2 application form
  4. S2 final material file name

The above will help facilitate monitoring of the status of applied materials, especially those filed in multiple/group applications.


Please be reminded that S1 results will be released within 48 hours from receipt of S1 application. Likewise, S2 results will be released within 48 hours from receipt of application.

S2 materials set to break on a weekend should be submitted to ASC no later than 11AM of Thursday in order to receive your S2 clearance by 5PM of Friday. (Note: this assumes that S2 material is faithful to the approved main document).

S2 materials submitted on a Friday morning for a weekend break need to undergo a Special S2 Clearing in order to get the S2 Clearance by 5PM of the same day. Otherwise, S2 decisions of S2 applications submitted will be released on Monday morning.

There will be NO EXEMPTION.


  • Email these to so questions or clarifications can be properly handled.
  • Copy furnish Ms. Maya Estrada, Operations Manager, and Mr.Robbie Aligada, Compliance Manager, at in the email
  • Attach copies of the following for ease of review:
    1. S1 decision
    2. ASC-stamped ad material, and
    3. PDF file of support documents submitted during S1 application.

If referring to a previously-approved material, also attach copies of the previouslyapproved
s1 decision, ASC-stamped APPROVED storyboard/script/layout and s2

  • ASC will reply to you during office hours (8AM to 6PM) and no later than 48 hours from acknowledging receipt of your email inquiry.
  • For questions on S1 decisions, we strongly encourage applicants to read the screener’s comments carefully and not to immediately send their inquiries as the comments are generally self-explanatory.

It would also help if applicants will download a copy of the ASC Guidebook, which contains the Manual of Procedures and the Code of Ethics, to help in understanding the reasons for INCOMPLETE or DISAPPROVED decisions and the next steps to take. Please click on this link to download:

  • Any question, clarification or appeal sent via Viber, SMS or Messenger to any member of ASC Management or staff will not be entertained

For your guidance and strict compliance, please.

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