Technical Cases

The ASC Technical Standards Committee (TechCom) is tasked to resolve issues with respect to interpretation and implementation of the ASC Rules and Procedures. It is composed of nine (9) members who are nominated by their respective organizations based on their depth of experience and past involvement with the advertising process.

Cases for Elevation to the TechCom

1. The Executive Director or Operations Manager shall elevate to the TechCom complaints that are patently violative of the Laws of the Land, and/or the ASC Code of Ethics. The ED may issue the Cease and Desist Order on the material being complaint in consultation with the TechCom if such complaint is deemed patently violative of the Laws of the Land, and/or the ASC Code of Ethics. E.g., absence of generic name, mandatory tags, and other similar violations.

2. The Presiding Officer of the Screening or Hearing Panel shall elevate to the TechCom those issues arising from the Screening and/or Hearing Panel that are technical or procedural in nature.

3. The technical or procedural issue should be resolved first before the merits of the case can be heard or when the material is likely to conflict with decisions that are currently enforced. In such case, the decision shall be withheld until the technical issue is resolved. The TechCom shall decide on the issue within three (3) workdays from the time that it was elevated to it.

An advertiser/ad agency may file a complaint or inquiry with the TechCom on procedural or technical issues arising from cases involving advertising content.

The Advertiser/Ad Agency files the letter addressed to the ASC Executive Director who shall be ensure that the TechCom decide on the merits of the case.
The letter must state the procedure being questioned or, in some cases, procedures being complained on (e.g., monitoring of banned material), rationale and other relevant information. The letter must include the evidence, photographs, reports, and other documentation as necessary.
The TechCom decides whether the complaint is valid or not valid, including corresponding penalties or sanction where applicable.
The TechCom may call on resource persons such as the Professional Screeners, Screening or Hearing Panel P.O.s or other technical persons to provide better understanding of a case.
There is no prescription period for filing complaints or inquiries involving procedures affecting an ad.
The hearing of technical or procedural cases involving materials that were post-screened or involving promotional ads of brands, products, services shall be given priority.

TechCom cases that involve highly complex issues or industry-wide concerns shall recommend an action to the ASC Board.