ASC Circular 2021-005-Submission of Promo Mechanics from DTI and FDA to ASC

The ASC requires the submission of the promo permit and approved promo mechanics when applying promo-related communication materials for screening.

The promo permit provides proof that the activity has been duly reviewed and approved by the respective government regulatory body, while the approved promo mechanics provides the details of the activity which the ASC checks and reviews to see if these are properly and correctly communicated in the promo materials. That is the reason why the absence of any one of said documents will render the application DISAPPROVED – ASC Manual of Procedures Sect.6c.

With the DTI-FTEB and FDA having migrated to an online promo application system last 2020, only the promo permits are issued to applicants. Copies of the stamped-approved promo mechanics are no longer provided in the case of DTI related promos.

In line with this, effective 3 May 2021, ad applications for promo activities should include the following documents:

  1. Promo permit issued by DTI-FTEB or FDA.
  2. Promo mechanics AS SUBMITTED TO DTI or FDA, printed on the company’s letterhead and signed by the company head of Sales or its equivalent.

Promo mechanics not compliant with the aforementioned will not be accepted.

For your strict compliance.

ASC Circular 2021 – 005 Submission of Promo Mechanics to ASC (F)

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