ASC Circular 2020-017 – Use of Music Ads

The ASC is issuing these reminders regarding the use of music in advertising materials applied for clearance:

  1. The use of music in your TV/digital video/radio ads MUST BE INDICATED in the storyboard or script, and whether music is used as a background, music bed, jingle, or incidental music.
  2. If there is no indication in the storyboard or script on the use of music, EVEN IF, there is an attached certification in the support documents, the Screener will indicate in the decision comments that the material was applied WITHOUT music and the addition of music in S2 stage will render the material DISAPPROVED. This is because the S2 material which has music is not faithful to the storyboard or script approved at S1 stage without music.
  3. Remember that it is the main document (storyboard or script) that is applied for approval. Even if there is a music certification/license included in the support documents BUT there is no indication in the main document on the use of music, then the music certification is irrelevant as far as the Screener is concerned.
  4. The following are the different types of music certification to be submitted as support:
Music TypeCertification
Original music composition- Certification from the originator of the music (either composer or arranger) that he composed the music exclusively for use of the brand. Certification must state duration of use of the music.
- The advertiser or agency producer cannot certify as the originator/ creator has the sole right to the creation of the music so he/she has the sole right to certify use of the music
Licensed songs/compositions- Music license from company who owns the music rights; should state duration music is allowed to be used.
Free music- Certification from the agency producer or recording studio that music is sourced from the internet and is free of any charges. Should show a screenshot from the site that music is free.
Foreign canned advertisement with music used- Certification from country of origin of the ad that the Philippines is included in the areas where the ad and the music can be used; should state duration music is allowed to be used in the Philippines
Musical scoring as effects or for emphasis- Certification from producer or recording studio on use of music as such
  1. S2 final material DISAPPROVED because it contained music not indicated in the approved S1 storyboard or script need not appeal to ASC. This should just be re-applied and make sure that use of music is properly indicated in the storyboard or script.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you and God bless us all.

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