ASC Circular 2020-016 – Appeals on Disapproval of Screener’s Decision

Effective 1 July 2020, ASC Management will no longer entertain email appeals/email follow ups of applicants who get a disapproval from the Screeners for their applications.

Applicants who want to appeal the disapproval will have to follow the procedure set in the Manual of Procedures of the ASC Guidebook:

Per Rule VI Section 1 all appeals on disapprovals by Professional Screeners will be referred to a 3-man Panel.


Section 1. Appeal on Disapproval

  • Appeal on Disapproval by a Professional Screener

An ASC Appeal Panel, composed of thee (3) ASC Panelists, is convened when an Advertiser/ Ad Agency files an appeal on a disapproval by a Professional Screener.

This Appeal Panel acts as a Screening Panel and follows the same rules and procedures of a 3-Man Screening Panel. The Panel has the prerogative to raise issues or question claims, copy, visual, elements in the material aside from those raised and disapproved by the Professional Screener and being appealed by the Advertiser/Ad Agency.

Submission of additional support documents and revisions to the material previously reviewed by the Professional Screener shall not be allowed as it warrants a new application.

The Appellant pays the fees before any Appeal Panel is scheduled. Appeal fees are P9,240.00 (VAT Inclusive) for members and P12,012.00 (VAT inclusive) for non-members.

The other option is to re-apply, addressing the reason/s for disapproval.

With the current Community Quarantine situation, all presentations to the Appeal Panel will be done via video conferencing.
Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you and God bless us all.

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