ASC Circular 2020-013 – Submission of Multiple Ad Applications for the Same Brand

In light of the increasing number of multiple applications being received via email by the ASC lately, we are instituting the following procedure to help make the processing of the applications easier.

  • DEFINITION: Multiple application means several applications of the SAME MATERIAL TYPE for the SAME BRAND to be submitted to ASC on the SAME DAY:
  • For planned multiple application of 10 or more materials, please advise ASC at least one day before submission by emailing us at .
  • When submitting your multiple application, please send one material per email. Indicate in your email subject: BRAND /1 of X/ TYPE OF MATERIAL.

Example 1:

1st email – ABC 1 of 5 Search Ads
2nd email – ABC 2 of 5 Search Ads
3rd email – ABC 3 of 5 Search Ads
4th email – ABC 4 of 5 Search Ads
5th email – ABC 5 of 5 Search Ads

Example 2:

1st email – XYZ 1 of 5Digital Videos
2nd email –XYZ 2 of 5 Digital Videos
3rd email – XYZ 3 of 5 Digital Videos
4th email – XYZ 4 of 5 Digital Videos
5th email – XYZ 5 of 5 Digital Videos

This is to facilitate monitoring of your multiple applications.

  • For each material in a multiple application, please follow the standard/required documents to be submitted:
    • S1 application form (PDF)
    • Main Document – storyboard/script/layout (PDF)
    • Promissory Note (or ASC Voucher) (PDF)
    • All support documents in one PDF File

Reminder: Maximum combined size of a. – d. compressed PDF documents allowed – 10 MB 3rd party links not acceptable as substantiation

  • An Acknowledgement Receipt (AR) will be emailed by ASC Accounting to applicant for each of the promissory note sent. The AR will also contain the confirmed cost of the application to be paid and the ASC Reference Number of the application.

Please be guided accordingly.

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