ASC Circular 2020-001 – Extended Deadline for Submission of Documents for INCOMPLETE Decision / Required Translations for Foreign Language Ads

The ASC would like to inform every one of the following rule changes effective Monday, February 17, 2020:

1. The deadline for submission of non-claim related documents for INCOMPLETE decisions is being extended to thirty (30) calendar days from the current ten (10) calendar days. This is to give applicants more time to secure said documents from the respective government agencies or from clients.

2. Ads with foreign language characters will be required to include a Filipino or English translation in the ad, at least 50% the size of said foreign language characters. This is to ensure that the general public is aware of what is being communicated.

This requirement is in addition to the Certificate of Translation (either in Filipino or English) which needs to be submitted as support during S1 application.

For your information and guidance.

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