ASC Circular 2019-005 – Submission of Complaint Letters to ASC

Effective June 3, 2019, the following procedures will be observed related to the submission of Complaint Letters to the ASC:

  1. Complainant to submit one (1) copy of the complaint letter to the 4th floor receptionist,
  2. ASC will review the complaint letter to determine if this requires a hearing panel, a post screening panel or the elevation to the Technical Committee (Tech Com). ASC will reply to the complainant via email on the next steps within 24 to 48 hours from receipt of complaint
  3. If a complaint will require a hearing or a post screening panel, the complainant will be advised to:
  • pay the required complaint fee;
  • Submit four (4) more copies of the complaint letter for the case hearing OR two (2) more copies of the complaint letter for the post screening panel. These additional copies of the complaint letters will be used by the volunteer panelists during the hearing or post screening panel.
  • Submit together with the printed copies, a soft copy of the complaint letter and its attachments (if any), in CD or USB format,.
  • Once items a to c have been complied with, the ASC will send a Notice of Hearing / Post Screening to the complainant and defendant
  1. If a complaint will be elevated to the Tech Com, the complainant will be advised on the schedule of the next Tech Com meeting

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