ASC Circular 2017-013 – S2 (Final Materials) Submission

Effective 16 November 2017, all S2 (final Materials) that are not faithful to the approved S1 material will be automatically DISAPPROVED, regardless if the S2 (final material) was submitted or presented via Special Screening.

Examples of, but not limited to the list below, are some of unacceptable revisions on S2 (final material):

1. Deletion or Addition

  1. Word/s and /or Phrase/s
  2. Frames
  3. Music
  4. Logo/s
  5. Retail outlet/s where product/s or service/s is/are available
  6. Celebrity endorser
  7. Medium/Media where material will be implemented

2. Change/s in the copy and/or visual/s even if the change does not affect the overall messaging

  1. In the case of RC, change/s from English to Dialect; change from Tagalog/Englis to Taglish, etc.
  2. In the case of TVC, Cinema Moving LED, Digital Video, and other moving materials, change in order of the frames

For the above revisions that do not change the overall messaging, please submit letter of Revision for approval by the Professional Screener BEFORE submitting the S2 (final material/s). However, you may submit your Letter of Revision together with the S2 (final material’s) if time constraint.

If the revision/s substantially change/s the copy, claim/s, visuals, and overall messaging, and application for a new material S1 is required.

For strict compliance.

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