ASC Circular 2017-002 Advertisements for Products Within the Scope of EO 51 Joint DOH-DOJ-DTI-DSWD AO 2012-0027

The IAC Secretariat, thru FDA-CFRR, called the attention of the Ad Standards Council, on all on-going activities and advertisements for products within the scope of Executive Order No. 51 that do not comply with Sec 21 (F) of the Joint Order:

“F. For purely AUDIO-VISUAL advertisements (TV ads), the standard message
with an actual breastfeeding logo shall be flashed second to the last frame for
at least four (4) seconds. Voice-over for the primary standard message shall
be a requirement. Voice-over for the primary standard message should be
clearly mentioned in the advertisement.”

Hence, effective immediately, all TVC applications must strictly comply with the above or will be automatically disapproved.

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