ASC Circular 2016-009 – OTC Drugs Indications

As part of the on-going partnership between the Ad Standards Council (ASC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs, we would like to request concerned industry partners to email ASC a maximum of ten (10) “consumerized” lines or indications per brand for your respective OTC Drug products. The said consumerized” lines or indications should conform to the OTC Indications posted at the FDA website and shared by the ASC last 14 April 2016.

Your submitted “consumerized” indications will be reviewed by the ASC, and guided by the FDA, to ensure that claims are consistent with the FDA-approved indications. Furthermore, your OTC Drug brand’s compliant/approved “consumerized” indications may be used in your OTC Drug’s advertising, promotional and other consumer-targeted materials and activities effective 1 August 2016.

Please email the “consumerized” indications to the undersigned ( copy on or before 5pm of 22 June 2016.

Thank you and please be guided accordingly.

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