Ad Standards Council (ASC) issues reminders and guidelines in using “SAFE” as a copy.

The Ad Standard Council (ASC) is reminding everyone on the following guidelines:

  1. Check payee-All check payments should be addressed to Ad Standards Council, Inc.
    It has been observed at there are Checks issued to the ASC that were abbreviated or shortened, i.e ASC, Ad Standards. Our partner banks have given advise that these checks will no longer be accepted to better protect both the Ad Standard Council and its clients.
  2. Use of the term “SAFE” Upon consultation with the Food and Drugs Administration (DFA), the use of this copy is considered absulute. Any product/services which poses risk or danger is not permitted to use this claim. Further, the ASC Code of Ethics, Article VII, Section 2 states “.. the us of “safe”, “without risk”, “harmless” or words of similar import shall bot be used for all products that have contra indication or warning on use. The advertiser has the burden of providing the appropriateness of using the term “safe” through a DOH-FDA Approval to use the claim.
  3. Lastly, we continue to encourage personal Presentation of Ad application This way, the decision of the professional Screeners will be better appreciated and clarifications on decisions can be settled during the presentation itself.

The ASC office is open starting 9AM and professional Screeners are available from 9AM to 3PM.

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