Issuance of Clearance

1. Submit the final and produced material to the ASC submission counter. Submission period is from 8:00AM to 11:00 AM, Mondays-Fridays.

2. TVCs and RCs must be submitted in digital format (preferably high-res to be able to appreciate the qualifiers in fine print) and must be properly labeled with a sticker or marked, indicating the ASC Reference Code, brand name, ad title and company, for easier retrieval of applications.

3. The Ad Specialist reviews the final produced material vis-à-vis the approved storyboard/script/lay-out.

4. After viewing the produced material, decision shall be any one of the following:

a. Approved for Airing, Publication or Display
This is given when the final produced material submitted to the ASC is faithful to the approved storyboard/script/compre or lay-out. The Clearance for Airing is issued.

b. Disapproved
This is given when the final and produced material submitted for viewing contains elements that were disapproved by the Professional Screener or the Screening Panel or when the final and produced material is not faithful to the approved storyboard/script/compre or lay-out without prior notice and substantially or materially affects the copy, claims, visuals of the ad. The revisions or elements added to the final and produced material requires a new application.

5. If the final and produced material and approved material are not the same, you must advise the ASC officially and in writing of the changes made three (3) days prior to submission of the final and produced material. This will be forwarded to the Professional Screener for assessment whether the changes are minor or materially/substantially affect the copy, claims, visuals thereby requiring re-application.

6. Failure to submit notice of changes prior to review of the final produced material will result in non-issuance of Clearance to Air. The material must then be re-applied, with the corresponding screening contribution fee.

7. The Professional Screener issues the Clearance for Airing upon determining that the requirements on the comment sheets are sufficiently complied with.

8. No Clearance for Airing will be given in advance or released by the ASC verbally, over the phone or through fax. You or your authorized representative must pick up the Clearance for Airing.

9. To claim your Clearance for Airing, provide the ASC Staff at the releasing counter the Reference Code of your ad application, wait until your company/agency is called, and the ASC Staff will release the Advertiser’s and Agency’s copy of the clearance. Claiming period is from 3:00PM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays.